Head's Welcome

My passion for our school continues to grow as does my ambition for every pupil

Duncombe is home to an array of well-behaved and inquisitive pupils who are supported by our team of friendly staff of teachers through to the catering team. We each share a clear vision of what an excellent Prep school looks like; I believe it can be defined as the willingness to explore the new, along with the confidence to stand on the established. This can be understood as a school that is prepared to take regular, reflective self-assessment both of the teaching and learning experience and its holistic provision.  A school which keeps the faith, has confidence in its values, aims and ethos which are understood by the entire school community.

We are a school that is prepared to embrace new technologies, which enhance both learning and teaching. A school which provides a vibrant and happy environment where pupils feel secure and safe, but are willing to be challenged and stretched. A school that is prepared to engage and take a lead in the debate about curriculum development, green agenda and current issues.  Importantly it is a school that values the entire family and puts the needs of others at its heart.

Our expectation and ambition for our pupils and their families continues to grow. It would be my personal pleasure to show you and your family around our school, stand alongside you and watch our pupils and teachers impress you with their passion for education, their manners and unpretentious confidence, their good humour and the pride they have to be part of Duncombe School.

I look forward to meeting you and your family in the near future.

Jeremy Phelan