Sibling Discount Scheme

There are a number of families here at Duncombe School wishing to educate more than one of their children with us, and in recognition of this we have enhanced our Sibling Discount Scheme.

Duncombe School offer the most competitive Sibling Discount Scheme in Hertford, and the surrounding area. In addition, our families are eligible for the scheme for all siblings in the school from Early Kindergarten.

The scheme will be implemented via a sliding scale approach:

For any further information regarding the Sibling Discount Scheme, please contact Lucy Evans, our Registrar on 01992 414110.

Terms and Conditions

Sibling definitionSibling discounts may be granted to Parent Contract Signatories who have more than one pupil attending Duncombe School from Early Kindergarten to Year 6.
Sibling eligibilityThere must be more than one sibling in the school. A sibling is classified as two or more children having one or both parents in common, i.e. a brother or sister.
CousinsCousins cannot be classified as siblings and are therefore not eligible for a Sibling Discount.
Sibling attendanceThe Sibling Discount applies while children are in attendance at Duncombe School at the same time.
How it is appliedIf you are eligible for the scheme the Sibling Discount will automatically be deducted from termly school fees.
DisbursementsThe Sibling Discount is applicable to the termly fees only and does not apply to disbursements such as wrap around care, holiday club, music lessons and trips.
Other awardsWhere a parent is in receipt of another award, the school reserves the right to review these awards and the level of these awards when they become eligible for the Sibling Discount.

The school reserves the right to change the Sibling Discount Scheme at any time but will ensure a minimum of one term’s notice is given to any Parent Contract Signatories impacted by the change.


01992 414100