Birds of prey visit Year 6

On Wednesday 13th June Year 6 had a visit from the Birds of Prey Centre. Carly (the lady who visited our school) brought in 4 unique kinds of birds. They first one was called Accio and he was a Southern White Faced Owl. He had piercing orange eyes and he was an elegant shade of grey. He spends 70% of his life perched.

The next bird we saw was a Barn Owl called Dell. She was extremely pretty and very young. She is just under a year old.

The next bird was called Sandler. He was a Harris Hawk. He was extremely big and not the best at hunting. He was also really greedy and ravenous.

The final bird we saw was called Ash and was a small adorable falcon. He had ebony stripes across his cheeks.

We really enjoyed the visit. Thank you!

By our roving reporters Abby and Arya in 6S.

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