Benefits of sport in early years education

Sport at Duncombe

Every day we see, hear and talk about the benefits of exercise. So, in this blog, we are going to highlight some of the ways in which introducing sport in the early years of education is highly beneficial. Here’s how you can support your child in developing a passion for sport.

Social development
Introducing sport from a young age gets children used to working together in different ways than in the classroom. It’s a chance to learn that, as a team, you can do great things and have plenty of fun. It involves interacting with other children of the same age and learning how to cooperate with each other in order to have the most fun and achieve the best outcome.

Healthy relationship with exercise
Sometimes, especially for adults – exercise is seen as a bit of a chore and is not enjoyable. So introducing exercise from a young age is a way to start a very healthy relationship with exercise and keeping fit. It’s a chance to have fun and for children to enjoy exercising and feeling the benefits of an active lifestyle, rather than it becoming boring.

Communication development
As well as encouraging social development, sport and in particular team games encourage the development of communication skills. It gives children the chance to practise their communication in a more fast-paced environment and in a new way.

Physical benefits
Building strength and cardiovascular fitness is a huge benefit for young children. This goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, getting good sleep and eating well. Exercising outside also has the added benefit of getting a boost of vitamin D which is known to lift your mood.

This comes from having to learn and follow the rules of the game, in order to get the most amount of fun out of a sporting activity. When a child gets slightly older and if they would like to join a sports team, they will also need to practise discipline by practising and attending training sessions. Having good discipline will be beneficial as they progress through their school career.

At Duncombe, we introduce PE into the curriculum from the age of two as we strongly believe that the benefits of exercising and being active from a young age permeate through the rest of a child’s school career. Children get the opportunity to practise social skills and have fun whilst enjoying all the physical benefits of getting outside, having a runaround and best of all having some fun!

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