Duncombe Bear’s next mission ….

Duncombe Bear's next mission ….

Hi everyone, Duncombe Bear here (or DB to my friends), how are you all? I’m fine thank you, very kind of you to ask.

Oh, you want to know what have I been up to? Well something very very exciting!

I decided to take a bit of R&R time after my mission into outer space, but whilst I was doing this I was hunting for a new challenge. I found one and this time I have my buddy joining me, our very own Mr Le Tissier.

For the past few months Mr Le Tissier and I have been training very hard before and after school and at weekends in the rain, wind and the little bit of sunshine we’ve had. We have been for the….2017 London Marathon.  YES DB is running the London Marathon! And I will be going for a PB – Personal ‘Bear’st!

The charity we’re running for is Cancer Research; a charity close to Mr Le Tissier’s heart. You can read more about his story in the link below.

Together we want to raise as much money as possible, we value your support and would appreciate any donations towards our cause, which you can do via our page


Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Thomas_Le Tissier_ZVMLMA542017


Thomas Le Tissier is raising money for Cancer Research UK by taking part in the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be keeping you updated on our progress as we get nearer the race date, so keep checking our Facebook page for updates across the Easter Holiday.

Right, I’m off for a run. Thanks everyone!

DB, 2017 London Marathon runner.

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