Ground Control to Major Ted

‘Ground Control to Major Ted’… School Mascot launches into space!

It was mission control at Duncombe this week as our school mascot was launched into orbit and then tracked by video on a tour of space.

Duncombe Bear or DB as he is being affectionately called, headed to the outer stratosphere following a SentIntoSpace assembly and workshop experience. That’s right; he really went to the very edges of space! It was wonderful to see the enjoyment and engagement of our pupils as they learnt about the technology and science behind the journey that he was to take. Then watching as staff, pupils and visitors got completely caught up in the tracking as DB made his way to 35,452m (22 miles) high above the earth as we all stared at large screens.

The footage followed the next day where we gathered as a whole group to watch the first images as beamed from DB’s space pod, with the glory of the Earth as seen from space and the story of his return to earth, hunt and collection from some very tall trees and recovery of the captured images. Just the most engaging and exciting experience for us all.

It is my genuine hope that many of our pupils will have been so inspired that at some point in the future they may wish to explore further learning and even careers linked to the space industry. Who knows, they might even end up as Duncombe School’s first Human Astronaut following in the paw steps of our very own Duncombe Bear? Such a wonderful experience!

” I really want to go into space, I am really inspired and haven’t been able to sleep properly with excitement, can’t wait until after half term to see the full voyage on film.  Hip Hip hooray for Duncombe Bear!” Edward W. Year 5 pupil.

We will have a full mission briefing after half term when Duncombe Bear returns to school.

Mr Phelan


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