3C Flying high with a growth mindset

At Duncombe, we believe that building the character of each of our pupils is an essential part of their education. Skills such as problem-solving, diligence and perseverance are critical in developing them as people, and create firm foundations that remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Miss Cartwright’s class 3C are reminded of this every time they step into their classroom with their brilliant ‘Flying High with a Growth Mindset’ display that stretches right across the classroom. It features pictures of each of her students reaching up to the sky, holding onto their own decorated hot air balloons alongside positive quotes that encourage and support them in their learning, such as:

  • I ask my friends and teachers for their advice
  • I keep trying so I’ll always get better
  • I thrive on feedback
  • I persist in the face of setbacks
  • I support and encourage other learners

It’s such a lovely and colourful way to remind our pupils of the essential building-blocks of character, and it helps to create a positive environment for learning.

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