Imaginary Worlds Competition Winners

During Book Week, Years 1-6 were given the opportunity to write creatively, describing their very own ‘Imaginary World’. The children were given the freedom to use their own ideas to write a setting description. Overall we were very impressed with the high standard of work produced. The settings described included winter landscapes, mystical lands and wonderful faraway worlds amongst a vast array of other original ideas. This made the decision to select just one winner extremely challenging. However, after much deliberation, Cooper B (3FH) was chosen as the Lower School winner and Lucy H (6T) was selected as the Upper School winner. Below are excerpts of their brilliantly written setting descriptions. Well done to both the children!


Cooper’s Imaginary World

It all started when I ventured into the garden on my new house. I saw a hole in the massive fence. First I decided to investigate. I managed to fit through the gap and entered a dazzling forest. I discovered a wardrobe. An extremely dusty wardrobe so I sprinted over to it. Suddenly a beam of light shone through! I stepped inside. Was it bigger inside than it looked? The door was encrusted with gold, diamonds and emeralds and the sides were exactly the same but it was pitch black. Accidentally, I stepped through. I didn’t know it was a portal…


Lucy’s Imaginary World

Chilly air gusted in through the open window, nipping at the young girl’s bare arms and feet. She stepped forwards as if to close it when something caught her eye. Turning, she studied the wardrobe that had intrigued her; it was made of dark, oak wood, looked ancient and had a simple pattern carved into it. As if in a trance, she walked towards the old wardrobe. The wood was cool and dark against her moon-bleached palms;sweaty despite the frozen, winter night. Slowly, carefully the girl opened the doors with a creak and strolled into the wardrobe.


Inside hung thousands of gowns, scarves and coats, each of a different material. Her fingers sought out soft, velvet furs and cashmere. Al of them caressing her finger tips.  As she ambled through the thick fabrics, she filled her lungs with the musty, comforting scent that lingered and let out a sigh of contentment. Satisfied, she closed her eyes and meandered on. A rush of steam hit the youthful girl and she opened her eyes. She appeared to be in a cave. Natural sunken tubs filled with deliciously hot water were scattered across the cave. Inserted into the smooth rock floor, each of them seemed to be connected to one another through tiny rivers; linking them all together like a pearl necklace. The caves were encompassed in darkness; not the sort that would leave you stranded in a nightmare but a lovely soothing darkness, like a lullaby or peaceful dream. Lulling and calming. A restful darkness.

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