Interview with Danny Granville, ex-professional footballer turned Games Teacher

Lottie G and George M from Year 6 are this years sports captains and they recently interviewed our very own Duncombe Games Teacher, sports star and ex-professional footballer Danny Granville.

Name: Danny Granville

Job: Arsenal Youth Coach, Duncombe PE & Games Coach. Ex-Professional Footballer.

Nationality: English.

Premier League Football Teams Played
For: Chelsea, Man City & Crystal Palace.

Capped by England Under 21s.

Interesting Fact: Mr Granville was once bought for £1.6 million by Leeds United from Chelsea.


DG: Mr Granville

GM: George M

LG: Lottie G


LG: So Mr Granville, where did you grow up and what football team did you support?

DG: I grew up in Islington in London. The local team was Arsenal so I supported them, it is also who my dad supported. My brother supported Tottenham and we shared a room together so half the bedroom was red and white and the other half was blue and white. I also used to like Manchester United because of Bryan Robson who was the England captain at the time.

GM: Where did your enthusiasm start for football?

DG: Probably from my dad. He loved football. My brother was only two years younger than me so we were always playing football. We used to have a concrete football pitch across the road from us,  the ones with metal goals, so we would go there and play all day. Your imagination would run wild pretending you were all manner of different players.

MB: When did you start playing Football?

DG: When I was knee high. I was always kicking a football. Even inside the house, much to the annoyance of my parents! I played whenever I could.

GM: When did you start to realise you were good at football?

DG: I remember playing in football tournaments when I was young and the response I was getting from the adults made me think that perhaps I was not bad at this?

LG: Did you star at any other sports growing up at school?

DG: I tried different sports and I think it is really important to try lots of different sports when you are young. At primary school it was always football for me. I tried rugby in secondary school and I liked athletics a lot. I used to really enjoy Sports Day, I did not always win but that did not matter.

FULL INTERVIEW in the latest edition of Duncombe Sport Issue 7

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