Little Chestnuts

Where your toddlers learn, play and grow

Little Chestnuts

Where your toddlers learn, play and grow


Due to the current pandemic, our Little Chestnuts Toddler Group is unfortunately closed. When we can open again, notifications will feature on our website and Social Media channels.

Alternatively if you would like to be contacted directly, or would like to know about Treetops Pre-School or Duncombe School, please email


Many thanks for your support.

Team Duncombe



Toddlers are curious and energetic explorers, motivated to learn through sensory play and experiences. At Little Chestnuts we welcome children from 1- 3 years and inspire our children, parents and carers through a fun and imaginative session.

Little Chestnuts is FREE and welcomes all toddlers aged 1-3 years. The class is held on Monday mornings at Treetops Pre-School, Duncombe School from 10:00 – 11:20am, during term time. There is no obligation to attend each week and the class is open to all children whether or not they are registering for Duncombe School.

Our mission as a toddler group, is to have fun! There is so much for your little ones to do each week, from painting and creating to sticking and making, and with a themed activity every week, it’s stimulating enough to keep everyone happy.

All children are given their own Little Chestnuts Passport, which they will get stamped each week, and at the end of the term, they will receive a special Little Chestnuts Certificate stamped by Chester himself, with his ‘Paw of Approval’. Plus, there’s tea and coffee too.

For those children registered with the school, Little Chestnuts is a greate way for them to familiarise themselves with the Treetops Pre-School setting ahead starting. Alongside this it gives parents and carers the opportunity to see their little ones’ confidence and independence grow before starting, whilst getting to know members of staff and other parents.

Jody Saunders

Parent of toddler

As a working dad I’m not used to attending toddler groups such as Little Chestnuts. Not only were the staff warm and welcoming, but it was apparent from my son’s confidence as soon as we arrived, how much he enjoys the class.

Dates for your toddler diary


At Little Chestnuts we believe routines help children learn through routine, enables children to feel more secure and prepared and so are more engaged, attentive and keen to learn.

The routine of the session remains the same each week, but the weekly theme changes, which stimulates and encourage participation from the children.

Download our Spring term ‘toddler diary dates’ and see what Little Chestnuts have planned.

Little Chestnuts Toddler Diary Dates – Autumn 2019



We looking forward to welcoming you at Little Chestnuts for fun, games, laughter and a chat!

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