Making Duncombe greener!

Team Duncombe’s Eco Council have been extremely busy working towards the Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation. As the children work through the ‘Seven Steps’, they are able to pick three of the ten Eco-Schools topics to work on. All the topics help young people engage with environmental issues that are important to them and their local community. They cover a huge range of sustainability issues including the climate crisis, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss. Each topic is entirely open to the children’s interpretation and lead by themselves. Last week the Upper School children conducted an ‘Environmental Review’ of our school, to identify the areas that we do well and the areas that we could improve on. They shared this information with Lower School and together they decided on the three topics that they would like to work on: Litter – Reducing litter, which harms wildlife and costs millions to clear every year. Energy – Reducing energy use and investigating greener energy sources. Marine – Protecting and conserving water-based ecosystems. All the children were engaged and enthusiastic and had superb ideas about what they could do for each of the topics, therefore they have already started their ‘Action Plan’! In our next meeting we will be working on this further and look forward to sharing our ideas with you. Mrs Ferguson Head of Science


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