Mr Phelan’s Weekly Round Up 21st January 2022

‘What a joy to see the children at play’ commented a visiting family this week whose children will be joining us soon. As a Headmaster and teacher for over 25 years, I have witnessed children at play several times a day across each week of my career- this parental comment made me stop and look again- and they were spot on. It really is a joy to see the different games, running, giggling, skipping, climbing, throwing and catching in action. As if
orchestrated by an invisible hand, the children move from one activity to the next and it truly is joyous. This challenged me to look at daily experiences with less familiarity and to take the time to stop and be thankful for the many wonderful experiences I have. I’d challenge you to try this too, it’s a very worthwhile endeavour and I think you will quickly be overwhelmed with how much there is to say thank you for.

In assembly on Monday, we looked at the importance of unity and teamwork. The children demonstrate this quality regularly across their learning – I observed Years 1 and 3 this week in their lessons and was very impressed with their collegiate approach to learning. They bounced ideas, worked in pairs, in groups and completed several tasks that may have taken much longer to do individually.

The skill of teamwork was seen in abundance this morning as we were treated to the 4S assembly. It was wonderful to have parents in to watch and lovely to see the children perform their assembly on the theme of Reflections on Victorian Life. With excellent costumes, well-rehearsed lines and top-level performances, it truly set the bar high for all future class assemblies. The children shared their learning about key Victorian figures including Victoria herself, the scientist Charles Darwin, Crimean War nurse Mary Seacole and circus entertainer and equestrian Pablo Fanque who taught horses to dance and inspired a song by John Lennon decades later. You can find out more about Pablo by following this link KS2: Pablo Fanque – The greatest Victorian showman – BBC Teach   The children sang beautifully as they reflected on the experience of many children at school and the world of work and expressed a very sincere thanks for growing up now and not then. A heartfelt thank you and congratulations to all of 4S, Ms Saito and Ms Rea for an excellent job well done. Year 1, it is over to you for next Friday!

Next week our U11 Netball Team will be competing in the regional finals of the IAPS Tournament in Ipswich. We wish them every success and we look forward to hearing all about how they get on as they further demonstrate Duncombe teamwork in action. In addition, there are Hockey and Football matches with St Edmund’s to look forward to.

Have a wonderful weekend. Mr Phelan

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