Mr Phelan’s Weekly Round Up

Week Ending 14th Jaunary 2022

A purposeful week again here at Duncombe with significant endeavour both in and outside the classroom. Amongst a number of activities, I observed Upper School Maths this week and was greatly impressed with the level of challenge and application of skills the pupils received and showed. For example, whilst working on a fractions to percentages to decimal points challenge, some Year 6 pupils had to build and complete a Tarsia puzzle. A Tarsia puzzle is very similar to a jigsaw, but the pieces are usually geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, or hexagons. The sides of every puzzle piece feature a piece of content that matches with another piece. The geometric shapes come together to create a larger geometric shape. Such an exercise requires a combination of key knowledge, self-starting,  collaboration, listening, speaking and co-ordinating skills. It is no easy task but
thoroughly rewarding and I greatly enjoyed observing the pupils fully engage with the entirety of the task and with great success.

In assembly at the start of this week, Mrs Micele-Jones spoke to us about the importance of the environment and how we all take great benefits from looking after nature around us. Members of the Green Council shared the next steps in their plan for Duncombe’s quest to be more environmentally aware. The voice of our pupils is extremely clear; they value and care for the natural world around them and gave clear guidance and great conviction when speaking to the whole school. Do look out for an update next week from the team! Today Miss Cartwright led assembly looking at the life, achievements and legacy of 20th Century Civil Rights Leader Dr Martin Luther King. The pupils were able to make excellent  observations of the inspiration and impact of his life both at the time and today across the globe. In the United States, Martin Luther King Day will be celebrated next week. Please see a link here of a very engaging short video about Dr King which I am sure you will enjoy watching.

Next week, as ever, is action packed with the first matches of the term, Open Morning and I am delighted to say, a resumption of class led assemblies! This sees 4S leading the way. Parents of 4S will be able to attend and the rest of the school will watch via a live Teams link. Prior to when your child’s assembly is planned, we will write to you with the instructions regarding Covid safety measures. A list of dates has been sent this week for this term. I am
greatly looking forward to the assembly which I know the pupils are equally excited about.

Have a wonderful weekend. Mr Phelan

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