Mr Phelan’s Weekly Round Up 4th March 2022

Our week got off to a tremendous start on Monday with the 3G Class Assembly. Right from the off we were treated to a wonderful musical number on the correct use of Roman  numerals with pupils marching, many dressed in Roman Military attire! With everyone’s attention captured we were treated to facts, figures, songs (including a wonderful Boudica rap video which was something to behold!) all under the proposal that Duncombe School should be ruled by the Romans! The pupils were exceptional, they had worked hard and did themselves, families, and the school proud. A heartfelt well done to the children, Mrs Griffiths and supporting staff for a truly lovely way to start the week.

Book week has been buzzing! With numerous events for all pupils occurring, Mrs Cooper gave a wonderful session on the publishers’ role, how to capture a reader, through the ‘show and tell’ process of how a draft book might or might not be selected. The pupils listened intently and asked some very insightful questions. I would not be surprised, that armed with this insider knowledge, we have some future published authors on our hands. Our Patron of Reading, Mo O’Hara, led workshop sessions on the art of character writing, creating Heroes and Villains in animal form with Years 1 to 4 enraptured, trying out their own ideas. The Character Catwalk on Thursday, with the school dressed up as either Heroes or Villains, was a real feast for the eyes as was the special assembly with Miss Morley who has led the whole school approach to Book Week exceptionally well. With Anthony Glenn supporting on Thursday afternoon, and a special book themed menu, it really has been a great celebration of the written word and the joy books bring to us all! Do look out for the detailed report in this newsletter.

I spoke with all staff here concerning the unsettling international news of conflict in Ukraine and the role we play in providing a secure environment of our pupils as they learn. At such times of uncertainty, schools often play a role in reassuring pupils who may begin to worry and become understandably anxious or express curiosity and wish to ask questions. I wanted to share with you two links which I believe will be of help if you find your son or daughter raising this with you at home. The first is an article from an interview with Charlie Lewis, a professor of family and developmental psychology at the University of Lancaster, and Megan Wright, a family support worker with the charity Action for Children. How to talk to children about Russia invading Ukraine in an honest but reassuring way ( I would greatly encourage you to take the time to read it through. It offers very sensible approaches in an accessible way. In addition, with 24 hour News very much part of every day existence,
BBC Newsround have created a short information video aimed at young people, but great for parents also, looking at how to deal with news that can often be very unsettling. Again I would recommend a watch as it too offers up some helpful hints and advice.

Next week sees 2M lead assembly on Friday, a number of matches, our Open Morning on Thursday, Year 4 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday and the teaching team prepping for a pupil Wellbeing Afternoon scheduled for 25th March. Swimming practice is underway for Upper School pupils and the sound of Mothers’ Day songs being rehearsed can be heard around the school! The Team here really give their all and I am very grateful to them as I
know you are too.

Have a wonderful weekend. Mr Phelan.

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