Nursery and Reception Trip to Shepreth

On Tuesday 7th June, Nursery and Reception set off on a fun-filled trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park. I asked some of the children what they thought of the excursion and this is what they had to say:

  • When I got to school I was feeling very excited (Harry)
  • We all got on the coach called the Golden Boy and it took us to the zoo (James & Daisy )When we got there we saw some ducklings chasing their mummy (Rosa)
  • We saw some animals. I liked the tiger because it had stripes on it and it looked furry. (Alper)
  • I liked the tiger walking when we were eating lunch and I even ate my lunch before it! (Rafe)
  • I liked the Red Panda because it’s red!( Ottilie)
  • We looked at bugs and we made a nest (Bobbie)
  • I liked the crocodiles because they were really scary. (Isaac)
  • I liked the snake because it had a long tongue (Leo)
  • For lunch we had a sandwich, crisps and a biscuit. It was yummy! (Otis)
  • We saw a parrot walking upside down. It was blue and gold. (Lucy)
  • We even got to have an ice lolly before we went home. It was delicious! (Kaelan)


Everyone had a fantastic day. As always the children were excellent ambassadors for Duncombe school and
behaved beautifully!


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