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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Marking and Pupil Assessment

Find out how we will mark work and assess progress whilst we are teaching online

Marking and Pupil Assessment

Find out how we will mark work and assess progress whilst we are teaching online

Work will be expected to be submitted back to teachers, but there is no pressure to do this immediately. Teachers will make clear their expectations around submitting work when individual tasks are set.

Children from Early Kindergarten to Year 2 can submit their completed activities via Seesaw. Children in Years 3 to 6 can submit their assignments on the Microsoft Teams platform. For both platforms, tasks can be in different forms depending on the tasks set by the teacher. For example, picture, document or video.

Our marking practice will be in-line with our normal practice where we will mark in-depth a piece every few days, with digital ticks on others.

For those using SeeSaw, teachers will be acknowledging receipt of work uploaded but will not be adding a comment to every piece. Again, they will mark in line with our normal practice.

Teaching staff will be keeping a close eye on academic work and will be regularly assessing and reviewing pupils’ attainment and progress. This assessment will continue in line with our usual framework, taking into account both effort and attainment. Where there are specific concerns in any of these areas, our usual school approach will apply; subject teachers will address individual concerns, whilst form tutors will manage any broader issues.

Reporting will be inline with our normal procedure, however, the format will be different to accommodate digital working. Further information on timings will be shared in the future.


There is an expectation that all pupils read daily, aside from their timetable. We recommend no less than 25 minutes of independent reading for pupils in Year 3 and above. For pupils in Year 1 and 2 daily reading with a parent or older sibling where possible of 15 minutes is always beneficial. A useful way is to share a page each and be ready to have a chat about characters, actions and thoughts.

For those pupils in Treetopswho are unable to read independently or need further support, teachers will be providing online storytime sessions.

Independent Schools 11+ Examinations for 2021

The lesson structure will continue to support the build towards Independent Schools 11+ Examinations. Miss Sand and Mrs Micele-Joneswe will be contacting you via ParentMail with further information about the process and opportunities to discuss. In addition, we have been in regular contact with our feeder schools and will communicate any changes should they occur.

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