Say hello to Speedy

Meet Speedy

Speedy is 8 years old and has been part of the Duncombe family for a number of years.

He’s lived in various classrooms around the school, but his current home is with us in Reception.

We have two ‘snail monitors’ each day and we check the temperature and humidity in Speedy’s tank and make a note of it in our ‘Log book’, along with a note of the food he is given. We are learning to recognise and write numbers as well as writing words in the log book, and we are learning about how to take care of a living creature and what it needs to survive.

We’re all fascinated by him and very fond of him/her (snails are hermaphrodites so Speedy is neither a ‘he’ nor a ‘she’!). 

Have a lovely half term.

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