Parents' Association

From Christmas Fairs and Summer Balls to providing playground equipment our Parents' Association is a wonderful asset to Duncombe School

Duncombe is a family school and we have a thriving Parents’ Association that supports us all the way and provides many opportunities for fun and friendship.

The objective of the Parents’ Association (PA) is to advance the education of our pupils. This may be achieved in three main ways:

  1. Develop extended relationships between staff, parents and others associated within school.
  2. Engage in activities which support the school, advancing the education of the children.
  3. Provide and assist in additional provision of facilities for education at the school.

There are 14 members of the PA   ̶  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus 10 committee members.

Newsletters are sent out to parents on a regular basis, communicating all the activities of the Association as well as thanking the many voluntary helpers without whom the events would not be possible.

Three of the main fundraising events are the Christmas Fair, the May Fair and the Summer Ball. The parents also run a second-hand uniform shop at school where parents send in good quality uniform for sale to other parents.

The PA introduced the Year Book for all Year 6 leavers as a special memento of their time at Duncombe. We have an on-going project to produce authentic historical costumes for school activities and always welcome new members to our team of costumiers!

The aims of the PA are professional but are also about friendship and enjoyment. We do hope to welcome you to Duncombe and that you will participate and have fun at the PA occasions.