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Team Duncombe Bedtime Lullaby

Our next project.

Team Duncombe Bedtime Lullaby

Our next project.

We have an exciting new project for our young singers!

Following on from our popular Team Duncombe Bedtime Stories, we would like to create a ‘Team Duncombe Bedtime Lullaby’ video, to help our youngest Team Duncombe children to relax and drift off to sleep.

How can I take part?

All you have to do is take a look at the songs in the boxes below, select which song or songs you would like to sing and video record yourself singing them.

Once we have all your recordings, we will review and select the best bits of everyone’s recordings and edit them together into one video.

What shall I wear?

This is a ‘Team Duncombe Bedtime Lullaby’, so the dress code has to be your favourite onesie or snuggly pyjamas and of course your favourite cuddly toy.

Please make sure your pyjamas are full length, no nighties or shorts sets, otherwise we may not be able to use your recording.

Where shall I film my song?

You can snuggle up in a chair or a bean bag, set up a lullaby area at home with all your cuddle toys or on a swing in the garden. This is your contribution to the lullaby, so it’s your choice.

But please make sure there is enough light, we need to be able to see your faces.

What's the best way to film?

Here are a few tips for filming:

  • Always film in landscape, as this fills the screen.
  • We want to make sure we can see your face, so make sure you do a test run first.
  • Leave a 5 second gap at the beginning and end of the recording.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t worry, take a breath and just carry on. You don’t need to start again, remember we are collating the best bits.

How do I send my recording?

When you’ve finished recording please send your videos to

Your videos might be a little big to send via email and so you will need to upload to, just ask a grown up if you need some help.



When do you need my recording by?

The deadline for all recordings to be with Mrs Sutton is  Wenesday 17th June by 10am

If your video comes in after this time, because there will be a lot of editing, we might not be able to include your recording. So please make sure it’s with us by Wednesday 17th June by 10am

All the Pretty Little Horses

Use the links below to practice and record your lullaby

Download song lyrics

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Use the links below to practice and record your lullaby

Download song lyrics

Hushabye Mountain

Use the links below to practice and record your lullaby

Download song lyrics
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