Triumphant performance

Well done to all our performers today. You all controlled your nerves well, remembering to do everything your teachers taught you.

Our year 3 recorders began the concert, thank you to Mrs Sutton Muldoon for her direction. They all played splendidly, keeping in time and reading the music well.

Our brass players were amazing. Louie is playing at a very high standard and never fails to impress. He conjured up a lovely atmosphere with his playing. Kieran has only been learning since September and is already showing a great aptitude for the instrument. To be able to do what he can after only a term and a half is impressive.

Matilda is developing into a lovely flautist, and is showing lovely confidence and a beautiful tone to her playing. Well done.

Bethany on the piano played with nimble fingers and lovely expression, you are becoming a very accomplished pianist.

Isaac performed at his first concert, although I am sure you would not know. Quietly confident his playing was perfect.

Charlie played beautifully conjuring up his spaceman. Well done Charlie again your first time at our concerts after only learning for a few months.

Mrs Patterson’s vocal students were lovely to listen to Millie, although year 4 has such a lovely range to her voice and her tone was beautiful too. Luc sang quietly yet confidently, showing his lyrical tone and beautiful melodic line. Well done Luc. Harriet performed with ease, a lovely expression in her voice and an engaging smile. 

Our concert finished with Mrs Burgess’s pupils. 

Thomas is impressing everyone with his development on the piano, already an excellent saxophonist, it is lovely to listen to his beautiful piano playing. Charlie  having only had a few lessons, played a lovely duet with Mrs Burgess and was perfect. Bea improvised on the black notes, showing dynamics and a lovely feeling for the piano already developing. Ava playing on the piano and not the guitar this time, demonstrated her command of this instrument as well. A lovely piece Ava well done.

Jessica played with such clarity and finger dexterity, and so many dynamics it was wonderful.

Sophia ended our concert with a delicate piece played beautifully and with such expression.

What a triumph this morning was, well done to all our performers, well done to all our teachers and parents who support all our musicians. 

Mrs Turner

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