Welcome Home DB!

What an exciting morning for all, with rapturous applause to welcome home the returning hero that is our very own Duncombe Bear, Space Explorer!  Pupils and staff then sang a rousing chorus of  “Ground Control to Major Ted, Take your sandwiches and put your wellies on . . .    Can you hear us, Major Ted? Can you hear us, Major Ted? Can you …. (intake of breath) Here am I floating round Northampton, About to hit a tree.  See you very soon, For a lovely cup of tea”.   Bear masks were created by Upper School, flags by Lower School.

Bear-whisperers in 6T then held a de-brief interview with some ‘in-bear-preters’ speaking on behalf of DB asking probing questions such as

What did you eat on your mission? . . . powdered salmon and porridge.

Were you scared at all on the journey?  . . . the balloon popping at almost 36,000m made him jump,     and he thought he would land on a railway track but he had lots of training so knew what to do.

What have you got planned for your next adventure? . . . He needs a bit of a rest but asked the pupils to come up with some ideas! 

What did it feel like to float in space? . . . Amazing, but freezing as it got to minus 40 degrees C, he was very pleased to be so furry.

What piece of advice to all the Classtronauts?. . . Aim for the stars and you’ll be over the moon!

I then congratulated Zoe D. Year 6, Jake C. Year 5, and  Jess M. Year 4 the lucky winners of the art competition who will each receive a converted ‘SentIntoSpace’ mission patch, just like DB!  For Upper School pupils they now have the knowledge that the art work produced as part of the workshops, was carried in the payload that went with DB and so has the sticker to authenticate this as well!  Each pupil has been given a post card to commemorate the event along with a Sent into Space sticker.

As the grand finale, we watched in awe the Duncombe Bear mission video, climbing up to the very edges of space and then hurtling back to earth and I awarded Duncombe Bear with a Bravery & Space Exploration Award.  We will get the video up on the website soon!

The Mayor of Hertford sent her sincere apologies for missing the event as she was unwell and very disappointed that she has missed it so we will make certain she gets to see the video.

The learning and enthusiasm has been exceptional and when we were ‘Liked’ by Major Tim Peake himself over the holidays on our Facebook page, I think it is fair to say that we have achieved even more than we thought was possible. I am sure this adventure will be long remembered and already pupils are starting to think of further adventurous pursuits.

Mr Jeremy Phelan, Headmaster


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