Year 1 Light and Dark Workshop

On Tuesday Year 1 enjoyed a Light and Dark workshop at school.

There was one tent that was made all dark so that we could not see; we had to feel our way to find a stone hidden in it. Everyone counted to see how long it would take.

Then we made some kaleidoscopes and put some sequins in. The sequins made a pattern when we turned it around: we could see the pattern because of the mirrors inside.

We also sat in a dark tent with some bright rainbow lights. When we turned them on, we saw them better because it was dark.

We learned that the sun is a giant star and that the moon does not give off its own light.

In our pairs, we shone torches onto mirrors to see how the light is reflected and tried to make patterns on the walls and ceiling with them.

It was a very exciting morning and we learnt a lot about light and dark.

The Year 1 Team




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