Year 3 Bushcraft Camp

Year 3 had a wonderful time camping in the forest last week. Here’s how some the children summed up the experience:

“Bushcraft is one of the best camps ever! The teachers there were called Chris, Lauren, Laura and Reuben. We had so much delicious food, which we cooked and even had to wash up (which was Polly’s least favourite part). We cooked burgers on open fires, which we had made ourselves. We also had a pasta bake, rice krispy goo
(yum!) and hot dogs.”

“On the first day, we learned how to build shelters so that we knew how to survive in the wild. Some of our shelters survived through the night and stayed up the next day too! We went on a Wilderness Walk in the evening before going to bed. We made ourselves sleepy
by singing campfire songs and then tried very hard to get to sleep, which was difficult as we were all so excited.”

“On the second day, we learned about traps that we created in our tribes in the woodland and managed to bag ourselves a few teachers! We also learned about camouflage and how to put on war paint. I think we gave our parents a bit of a surprise when we arrived back at Duncombe with camouflage paint on!”

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