Year 3 trip to Celtic Harmony

The Year 3 trip to Celtic Harmony was an absolute delight. The day started with overcast skies and torrential rain. Unphased, we donned our wellies and raincoats on top of our Iron Age tunics and cloaks, we were prepared for anything! Much to our surprise and pleasure, our arrival to the Celtic Harmony site was met with blue skies and bright sunshine. We began our training to become Celtic warriors with battle paint. The children painted their cheeks with woad to scare away enemy tribes. They also braided their own headband with rushes, and learnt to trade for supplies to further their campaign. Once our fearsome warriors were decorated and equipped, we began our weapons training. The children practised archery and learnt battle formations and calls. They succeeded in an attack strategy and managed to push back the enemy (comprised of the teaching staff!). It was a truly memorable journey to the Iron Age.


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