Year 3 visit the Celtic Harmony Camp

On Wednesday 10th October, as part of our History studies, two intrepid Duncombe Year 3 tribes, the Wolves and the Snakes, travelled 2800 years back in time to visit the Celtic Harmony Camp. As soon as we arrived, whilst exploring a Celtic roundhouse, we learned that King Prastagus, Chief of the Iceni tribe, had died. Queen Boudicca, his wife and new leader of the Iceni had been treated badly by the Romans and was leading a rebellion against them! She needed our help, so a crash course in Celtic Warrior training ensued. Both tribes performed brilliantly at archery. We learned how to create a shield formation and drove out our pesky Roman teachers. Having painted our faces with woad we were able to retain our fierce stances whilst braiding Celtic headdresses. We used our trading skills to gain required products for daily life such as wood, yarn, cloth, grain and gems. Finally, we completed a trail around the woods to solve riddles about Warriors and Druids using Runes. Fortunately, we were able to transport ourselves back to the present day without any time travel mishaps. Here are some thoughts shared about the day:

“I liked the bit when I went on the Path of the Druid. There are Celtics letters and clues. I knew the Celtic letters because there was a chart, that’s how I worked it out.” Ethan

“I loved the bit where we defeated our teachers with our shields. We even went to a shop and they gave us three pence. I bought three amethysts.” Joey

“My favourite bit was the quest. We had to find clues, when we got to the end, we found out the secret word. It was…drum role please…Chariot. It was super duper fun.” Isabella

“The best part of the day was going to the workshop. I bought stones.” Leila


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