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Music & Creative Arts

Encouraging Young Creatives: Duncombe's Approach

Championed as part of the core curriculum and supported through co-curricular activities and clubs, our wonderful teachers are constantly looking for new initiatives to help our children develop their creativity, encouraging them to find and follow their passions.

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Music is at the Heart of Duncombe

Music is an essential part of a child's cognitive development and provides a creative outlet throughout a busy school day. Our Director of Music leads weekly lessons for children in the Music Studio or our beautiful outdoor Sound Garden, using a mixture of traditional singing and games based on the Kodály method. This approach helps children develop confidence in their musical abilities and learn in a fun and engaging way.

As children progress through the school, they become confident performers and singers, as demonstrated in assemblies, concerts, and other events throughout the year.

Learning an instrument

Starting in Year 3, children have the option to learn a musical instrument. All children who choose to learn an instrument have the opportunity to join the orchestra. If learning an instrument isn't for them, there is the option to join either our Senior or Junior Choir. These choirs offer a chance for children to develop their singing skills and perform with their peers.

Music really is at the heart of Duncombe.


The world is a stage

Throughout their time at Duncombe, your child will have many opportunities to participate in a variety of performances, from class assemblies to festive plays and end-of-year shows, giving them the chance to showcase their talents in front of family and friends.

For students in Years 3-6 who are passionate about drama, our Speech and Drama Club is the perfect opportunity to take their skills to the next level. Led by our experienced LAMDA-affiliated instructor, your children will receive expert guidance and have the chance to hone their craft.

The club also offers the opportunity to take LAMDA exams with an impressive 100% pass rate. These exams provide a recognized qualification and help students develop valuable communication and performance skills that can benefit them in all areas of life.


Art lessons in the Parisian Style loft

Art lessons take place in our tranquil Parisian Style Art Loft, where children are encouraged to think creatively and discover their originality. Bold and adventurous innovations are fostered, and students learn how to be self-critical and accept constructive feedback.

Through independent work and collaboration, children take immense pride in their art, paying attention to the smallest of details to perfect their masterpieces.

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Admissions Enquiries: 01992 414109

General Enquiries: 01992 414100