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Reception Class

Their big school adventure starts here

Reception is the bridge between Nursery and Year 1, offering a nurturing and enjoyable environment within a formal and structured daily routine. During their time in Reception, children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and strive towards accomplishing the Early Learning Goals.

At Duncombe, we firmly believe that joyful children are more receptive to learning and achieve greater success. Our objective is to ignite a deep passion for learning in every child, achieved not only through captivating and enriched experiences but also through a comprehensive and high-quality education supported by an exceptional level of care.

Reception Overview

Ages 4 to 5 years

Family orientated school where openness and trust are key.

–  Voice of the Parent, 2023


A fulfilling curriculum

Throughout Reception, we build on the Foundation Stage curriculum, creating enriching, imaginative, and informative lessons that enhance children’s understanding of the world while igniting their love of learning. Our specialist subject teachers visit the children weekly for French, ICT, Music, PE, Science, Spanish, and Forest School. Children enjoy lessons outside the classroom, learning how to use their initiative, work as teams, and assess and manage risk in a safe environment.

We provide opportunities for children to fully experience and immerse themselves in their learning, from both indoor and outdoor classrooms to trips and topical visitors.

Personalised learning

Our Reception curriculum is grounded in the Early Years Foundation Stage, but we recognise the importance of tailoring our teaching and learning techniques to each child's particular requirements.

We aim to amplify their strengths, assist them in areas of difficulty, and encourage them to reach success on their own terms.


Making the most of all the facilities available

Treetops Pre-School offers an exceptional learning and play experience. With our vibrant and caring classrooms, children are provided with an enriching environment that encourages exploration and growth. Our one-of-a-kind Treetops Garden is a thrilling playground that allows children to unleash their creativity during playtime.

In addition to our outstanding facilities, Reception children experience specialist teaching throughout the week within state-of-the-art facilities such as our Duncombe Arena, Library, Music Studio, Sound Garden and beautiful outdoor Forest School classroom.

Wrap Around Care

Need care outside of school hours and holidays?

For parents who need childcare outside of school hours, we offer wrap-around care from 7:30am to 6:30pm during term time. We have designed each day of the week to have a different theme, ensuring that children who stay after school are engaged and excited about their extra activities.

During school holidays, we provide flexible care options for children in Early Kindergarten through to Reception at Treetops Holiday Club. Children in Years 1-6, can attend SuperCamps onsite, which is open to both Duncombe children and members of the public.

Join us for a Personal Tour

 Discover a Duncombe Education 

Come and visit experience and discover first-hand how we nurture our children’s minds through an inspiring educational journey.

Parent Involvement

Our Team Duncombe parents

Our parents are as much a part of Team Duncombe as our children and staff, and we welcome them into school regularly to celebrate with us.

We host several parent-involved events through the year, from Sharing Afternoons and Parent Evenings to Christmas performances and our annual themed competitive Sports Day, always a firm favourite with the parents!

Begin an unforgettable adventure.

Duncombe School cultivates a love for learning, laying a strong foundation for future success. Our school is divided into three stages: Early Years (ages 2-5), which includes pre-school and Reception, Lower School (ages 5-8), and Upper School (ages 8-11). 

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4 - 5 yrs old


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