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Upper School

An enriched and dynamic curriculum

Upper School: where confidence, independence, and responsibility meet!

Inspiring and engaging lessons continue in Upper School, across a broader curriculum, while significant focus is given to the development of character, as the children begin to prepare for life beyond Duncombe.

Our teaching is dynamic and interactive, as children learn best in different ways, and our small classes enable teachers to monitor the learning requirements of each child. We place great emphasis on practical and creative lessons, encouraging the children to be inquisitive, exploring topics in depth to gain greater understanding and to think for themselves.

Quick reference for Upper School

With a host of opportunities for personal growth and leadership, Upper School at Duncombe provides an ideal bridge between a nurturing class-based experience and the breadth of a senior school timetable with specialist teaching.

Ages 8 to 11


Building upon excellent foundations

In Upper School, our curriculum forms the foundation for future learning, providing a comprehensive grounding in core subjects while also incorporating a diverse range of specialist subjects to enrich the educational experience. Themed projects drive the children's learning each term, seamlessly integrating multiple subjects and immersing them fully in the topic, whether it's an English or Geography lesson. To bring our Duncombe education to life, we enhance the curriculum with exciting elements such as trips, visits, speakers, and specially designed programs like the Year 6 Enrichment Programme.

While our children follow a senior-style timetable, we deeply understand the importance of tailoring our teaching and learning techniques to meet each child's unique needs. Our approach focuses on amplifying their strengths, providing support in areas of difficulty, and fostering their success to help them reach their full potential.

Our Subjects

Digital learning

Across Upper School, all lessons are a combination of both of the traditional pen and paper model and digital experiences, via programmes such as Century Tech and Learning by Questions. Children learn to work seamlessly between offline and online.

How is digital learning possible in all subjects? By thinking differently. Our commitment is to ensure a Duncombe education utilises all educational opportunities, from creating a digital music composition to building a digital storybook in English, then to be shared with our younger children through our interactive SMART TVs.


Co-curricular opportunities and responsibilities

Upper School children can participate in a range of extra-curricular activities during and after school hours.

Children with a keen interest in sports can try out for our school teams and compete in fixtures, including IAPS competitions. If your child has a musical inclination, they may wish to audition for our Harmony choir or learn from our talented peripatetic staff and perform in musical concerts and breakfast assemblies.

We also introduce non-academic roles and responsibilities throughout Upper School to help children develop their character and confidence. This includes establishing buddy relationships with Reception children and prefect responsibilities across the school in Year 6. Children can also apply and be interviewed to join our Pupil Leadership Team, taking on roles such as Heads of School and Houses, as well as Wellbeing, Digital, Library and subject Captains.

Year 6 Enrichment Programme

Duncombe’s unique Year 6 Enrichment Programme is an exciting, enriching programme of events and experiences, like no other!

Across the Summer Term in Year 6 the children partake in our tailor-designed programme devised by our specialist teachers, creating a bank of core memories for their final few weeks at Duncombe. For what seems like adventurous trips and workshops to the children, behind the scenes, the programme ensures each trip fulfils an educational objective while enriching their final months at Duncombe.

From our Financial Capability Day and First Aid course to overseas residential trips and hands-on workshops at Legoland Windsor, our enrichment programme provides our children with both additional life skills and enriched knowledge helping them develop a confident and inquisitive mind for life beyond Duncombe.

Life beyond Duncombe

From the beginning of Year 6 we are preparing our children for the biggest challenges and changes of their educational journey so far.

From preparation for independence schools’ entrance exams and 11+ examinations, to roles and responsibilities of subject captains, social occasions and public speaking, our promise to every child is that we will nurture and support them to ensure they are ready for secondary school academically, emotional and socially.

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Our facilities truly engage and inspire.

Our children's learning is enriched throughout the week using our onsite and local community facilities, ensuring they have fun both in and outside the classrooms.

From PE lessons in the Duncombe Arena and music lessons with an array of instruments in our Music and Dance studio, to stimulating and creative Forest School lesson, in our all-weather outdoor classroom.

This enables children to stretch their minds and bodies to ensure they are benefitting from all Duncombe has to offer.

Parent involvement

At Duncombe, we believe that our parents are as much a part of Team Duncombe as our children and staff. We welcome parents into school regularly to celebrate with us. We host a variety of events through the year, including Class Assemblies, Parent Evenings, Christmas performances, and musical concerts. Our Parents' Association also hosts a range of events, including the popular themed End of Year Ball.

Wrap Around

For parents who require childcare outside of school hours, we offer wrap-around care from 7:30am up until 6:30pm during term time. Children can participate in termly after-school clubs, such as horse riding, fencing, chess, and gardening or attend Prep with a member of the staff to get ahead of homework.

In addition, we offer various sporting clubs including netball, football, tennis, and rugby, which provide children with extra time to play their favourite sports or free up weekends from extra curricular activities.

During school holidays children in Years 1-6, can attend SuperCamps onsite, which is open to both Duncombe children and members of the public.

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Duncombe School cultivates a love for learning, laying a strong foundation for future success. Our school is divided into three stages: Early Years (ages 2-5), which includes pre-school and Reception, Lower School (ages 5-8), and Upper School (ages 8-11). 

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