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Lower School

An enriched and dynamic curriculum

Towards the end of the Treetops journey in Reception, we prepare our children for a seamless transition to Lower School, located in the Main School building.

As they progress through Lower School, our children experience significant growth, both academically and socially, while embracing the enriching opportunities Duncombe provides.

Our vision is simple yet crucial: we are dedicated to nurturing the academic, personal, social, and moral development of every child. In our supportive community and secure learning environment, our children fearlessly explore new challenges to unlock their full potential, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Quick reference for Lower School

At Duncombe, we provide a family atmosphere and a nurturing environment which support your child's growth. We keep class sizes small and our team of experienced teaching assistants support our class teachers to help every child reach their potential.

Our curriculum includes subject specialist teaching in ICT, Forest School, Physical Education, Music and languages, with practical and creative lessons. Our teachers know each child well and offer personalized learning that amplifies your child's strengths and supports areas of challenge.

Ages 5 - 8


A fulfilling curriculum

Lower School offers a broad, balanced, and immersive curriculum that presents abundant opportunities, whilst recognising the importance of tailoring teaching and learning techniques to each child's particular requirements. With small class sizes and experienced teaching assistants, our dedicated team works alongside class teachers to help every child reach their full potential. We aim to amplify your child's strengths, support areas of difficulty, and encourage them to continually strive for success.

The core subjects of English, Maths and Science form the foundation, while creativity and the arts play a vital role in our children's education. Specialist subject teachers visit weekly for French, ICT and Spanish, complementing the class teacher's instruction. Forest School, Music, and PE are taught by specialist teachers in designated learning facilities, allowing children to explore their interests and uncover their hidden talents.

Our Subjects

Music with Lower School

Our outstanding Music Department at Duncombe offers every child the chance to develop a love of music through formal class lessons, weekly singing sessions, and performance opportunities.

From Year 1, children learn instruments such as the recorder, drums, and keyboard, and from Year 2, they can join our Junior Choir. In Year 3, children can choose to pursue a specific musical instrument as an extra-curricular activity, benefitting from one-on-one teaching with our specialist instrumental teachers.

Our exciting Lower School musical production at the end of the Summer Term showcases the singing, dancing and acting talents of every child in Years 1, 2 and 3.

A school that cares about the wellbeing of children and provides them with all the tools they need to learn and progress.

– Voice of the Parent Survey 2023

Co-Curricular opportunities

As our children advance through Lower School, they have the opportunity to engage in our diverse range of co-curricular activities. Starting from Year 1, they can explore a variety of fun, exciting, and captivating pursuits after school. These include horse riding, gardening, ballet, fencing, and a wide array of sports clubs such as netball, football, tennis, and rugby.

Upon reaching Year 3, our children not only continue with our enriching co-curricular program but also participate in competitive sporting activities. They can further develop their musical interests through Music tuition and, if they wish to showcase their talent, audition for our esteemed Junior Choir.


Our facilities truly engage and inspire

During the week, your child's learning is enriched through our onsite facilities, ensuring they have fun both in and outside the classrooms.

From PE and Games lessons in the Duncombe Arena and music lessons in our Music and Dance studio, to stimulating and creative Forest School lessons in our all-weather outdoor classroom, your child can stretch their body and mind to get them most from all Duncombe has to offer.

Wrap around care

For parents who require childcare outside of school hours, we offer wrap-around care from 7:30am up until 6:30pm during term time.

Starting from Year 1, children can participate in termly after-school clubs, such as horse riding, fencing, chess, and gardening. In addition, we offer various sporting clubs including netball, football, tennis, and rugby, which provide children with extra time to play their favourite sports or free up weekends from co-curricular activities.

During school holidays children in Years 1-6, can attend SuperCamps onsite, which is open to both Duncombe children and members of the public.

Parent involvement

Our parents are an integral part of Team Duncombe, along with our children and staff, and we warmly welcome them into our school to celebrate with us.

Parents are invited to class assemblies, parents’ evenings, Christmas performances, parent workshops, open classroom mornings, music concerts and Speech Day. In addition to these events, our wonderful Parents’ Association hosts various activities throughout the year, including the highly popular themed End of Year Ball.

On a more informal level, parents can chat to staff at drop off and pick up times or arrange a meeting at another time to discuss any concerns.

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Duncombe School cultivates a love for learning, laying a strong foundation for future success. Our school is divided into three stages: Early Years (ages 2-5), which includes pre-school and Reception, Lower School (ages 5-8), and Upper School (ages 8-11). 

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