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Digital Learning

A digitally empowered future

At Duncombe, we are committed to providing our children with a digital learning environment that prepares them for the future. Our approach is not just limited to ICT lessons but is integrated across our curriculum. We believe in enabling our children to become digitally-minded, creative, and independent, which is why digital learning is a key part of the Duncombe education.

With our 1 to 1 device programme, every child from Nursery to Year 6 has access to their own device for learning, allowing them to immerse themselves in the digital world. Children from Nursery to Year 2 use iPads while our older children from Years 3-6 use laptops that can be taken home for continued learning.

We use cutting-edge software and digital platforms such as Century Tech to support our approach to personalised learning in English, Maths, and Science. This AI-powered system helps our older children practice skills, apply knowledge, and reflect on their progress and next steps.

Our other digital platforms such as Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Learning By Questions, White Rose Maths, Kaligo, Nearpod, Seesaw and Adobe Express further opportunities for our children to engage with their learning in a meaningful way.

Our digital learning environment has transformed the way we teach and learn, with our children benefiting from increased engagement and collaboration with their peers, both in the classroom and beyond.

We are proud to have witnessed the positive impact that digital technology has had on our children’s learning, and we continue to innovate and improve our digital learning environment to ensure that our children are prepared for the digital world of tomorrow.

A Future-Ready Education:

Discover the Power of Digital Learning at Duncombe

Greater ownership of learning device

At Duncombe, we empower our children with digital tools to take ownership of their learning journey. Our 1:1 device program gives the children access to online learning tools, enabling them to work at their own pace and experience greater independence, efficiency, and task completion.

Greater collaboration

Collaboration is also a key benefit of our 1:1 environment. Our children learn essential communication and reasoning skills that are vital for team collaboration. By sharing digital workspaces, they can create and edit content together, refine each other's contributions, and share information and ideas.

Personalised learning and differentiated instruction

1 to 1 tech enables personalised and differentiated learning through a variety of tools and methods. With OneNote, content is tailored to each student's ability level, allowing for real-time progress monitoring and immediate feedback. It also offers more challenging work for students who need an academic stretch.

Improved assessment and digital feedback

Digital learning has transformed the way we assess and provide feedback to our pupils. With 1:1 technology, teachers can now provide personalised feedback using a variety of digital tools such as digital annotations, voice recordings, videos, and links to online resources.

Online learning

Keeping children safe online

Duncombe's E-Safety Documentation

In an ever-changing digital world, at Duncombe School, we want to ensure that e-safety is considered at home. This document contains useful website links, advice and information to help you ensure that the internet is a safe environment for your children.

Safer Internet - Guidance for Parents

To support our ongoing commitment to Safeguarding and eSafety, our pupils will be doing some age appropriate work in school around safe use of the internet. This Safer Internet Guidance for Parents will back up this work.

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