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Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Empowering children to thrive through emotional support

At the centre of a Duncombe education is the happiness and wellbeing of our children, empowering them with agency and a positive outlook on life.

Through exceptional pastoral care, our vision is for every child to develop the courage to take on new opportunities, the confidence to overcome challenges, and the integrity to become future global citizens who make their mark in the world and thrive.

Too many good points to pick from but I really appreciate the way the school treats each child as an individual.

– Voice of the Parent Survey 2023

Pastoral care takes many forms at Duncombe School


Our passionate teachers are more than just educators – they are innovators who bring learning to life, from cross-curricular science activities to orchestrating international ICT projects with Cognita pen pals across the globe.

Wellbeing Charter

At Duncombe, we prioritise pastoral care and have developed a bespoke wellbeing charter to ensure that every child feels valued and included in our Team Duncombe community.

Golden Rules

At Duncombe, all children, parents, and staff adhere to Duncombe’s Golden Rules, based on sound moral values. These rules are displayed around the school and permeate every aspect of school life, promoting fairness and equality.

Team Duncombe

At Duncombe, we believe that every child deserves to feel at home in their school environment. Our nurturing atmosphere, dedicated staff, and welcoming community help create a sense of warmth and friendship that makes Duncombe feel like a second family.

Duncombe School

Admissions Enquiries: 01992 414109

General Enquiries: 01992 414100