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Results & Destinations

We inspire our pupils to aim high

At Duncombe, we foster a holistic approach to learning, encouraging children to develop a love for learning across all areas of the curriculum. Our results across all key stages are a testament to the success of this approach.

At Duncombe, we foster a holistic approach to learning, encouraging children to engage with a range of subjects, including Science, Maths, Humanities, Languages, and the Arts. We recognise that each child has unique interests and talents, and it aims to provide a diverse range of learning opportunities to cater to individual needs.

Our approach to learning also emphasises the importance of social and emotional development. Children are encouraged to develop empathy, resilience, and interpersonal skills through various activities, such as sports, drama, and community service, making them well-prepared for the challenges of the future.

Academic achievements across all key stages at Duncombe consistently exceeds national averages

Early Years

Our Early Years results consistently show that our students are well-prepared for the next stage of their education, and we are committed to continuing to provide the best possible start for each and every child who joins our school.

Lower School

Lower School consistently achieves outstanding academic results. Our dedicated and experienced teachers go above and beyond to establish a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that motivates our students to excel.

Upper School

We believe in fostering a culture of academic excellence, where children are encouraged to think critically, pursue their passions, and reach their full potential. Our children consistently perform well in tests and our students go on to accept places at some of the best local secondary schools.

Scholarships and Awards

Each year, the academic successes of Duncombe students demonstrate the value of a Duncombe education.

Over the past 5 years, we have celebrated over 50 scholarships, a testament to both our students' abilities and our staff's dedication to teaching.

Destination Schools

Our commitment to providing a strong foundation for our children is evident in their consistent success when applying to senior schools. We take pride in the fact that our children receive offers from a variety of popular independent secondary schools in the area, including scholarships, which is a testament to the quality of education they receive at Duncombe.

Taking that next step in their educational journey

Preparing children for their educational journey beyond Duncombe is an integral part of our everyday approach. Every child will develop the skills required for thriving in secondary school from organisation to independent learning.

Duncombe has established excellent relationships with both independent and state secondary schools in and around Hertford. We work with our parents, advising them on the most suitable schools for their child, helping them in making an informed decision about the next step in their child’s education.

Entrance Examinations

Duncombe School is committed to preparing our children for success in secondary school entrance exams. Our approach includes providing home working packs of verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers, as well as weekly booster lessons leading up to the Year 6 entrance exams.

As a result of these efforts, many of our children have been offered places at leading secondary schools, and have even received scholarships for their academic, artistic, musical, and athletic achievements. We take pride in our children’s successes and are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals in all areas of their education.

Duncombe School

Admissions Enquiries: 01992 414109

General Enquiries: 01992 414100