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Exciting Co-curricular Programme to Broaden Experiences

At Duncombe School, we believe in enriching our children's lives by stretching their bodies and minds. That's why we offer an outstanding range of co-curricular clubs and class trips designed to help them develop their creativity and explore their passions.

From sports and photography clubs to 1-2-1 musical tuition and choir lessons, our dedicated teachers are always looking for new ways to inspire and engage our children.

Take a look at our most popular clubs

At Duncombe, our co-curricular clubs are constantly evolving, from fencing and photography to gardening and sports such as football, netball, and tennis.

We also offer Prep Homework Club supervised by a member of the academic leadership team.


Reaching new heights

Day Trips

We believe that learning extends far beyond the classroom, which is why we carefully plan our trips and visits to align with the curriculum and provide a specific educational purpose.

Residential Trips

Starting from Year 2, children have the opportunity to participate in our residential trips. These trips are a fantastic way for children to step out of their comfort zone, gain life skills such as independence and leadership, and create unforgettable memories.

Duncombe School

Admissions Enquiries: 01992 414109

General Enquiries: 01992 414100