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Learning Through Sports

Supporting a healthy and active lifestyle

At Duncombe, we place great importance on promoting regular exercise to enhance both physical and mental well-being, beginning right from our youngest students. Our PE Department, which includes ex-professional sports people, not only focus on developing sports skills but also foster cooperation, leadership, and a healthy lifestyle embraced by all our students.


A diverse sports programme

Duncombe offers an extensive sporting programme, including but not limited to Athletics, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Netball, and Rugby. These activities help our children to develop key sporting skills and techniques on and off the pitch. Weekly swimming lessons are also provided for children from Years 2-4, and Years 5 and 6 participate in our annual interhouse Swimming Gala.

Our PE lessons are tailored to suit the interests and ages of the children. The younger children use their imagination to climb mountains and balance across crocodile-infested waters, while the older children enjoy fierce interhouse competitions to secure the end-of-year trophy.

Pupils’ achievements in a wide range of academic and other pursuits are excellent.

-ISI report, June 2022


Inspiring Alumni, Team Duncombe Forever!

We take great pride in our alumni and their achievements and welcome them back to the school to celebrate their successes, inspiring our current students to dream big and reach for the stars.

We are fortunate to have notable alumni like Oliver Skipp, a professional footballer for Tottenham Hotspurs, and Bethany Norton, the reigning British Junior Ladies Olympic Skeet champion.

Bethany represented Duncombe in the IAPS clay pigeon shooting competition in 2018. By demonstrating that there are alternative sports available, Bethany encouraged her fellow pupils to try new things and expand their horizons. We believe that by providing our students with a range of options and encouraging them to pursue their interests, we can help them develop into well-rounded individuals with a lifelong love of learning.

Learning with Professionals

Lessons from Those Who Achieved Their Dreams

Former sports professionals Danny Granville and James Storey bring valuable expertise to Team Duncombe by joining our children for weekly games lessons and afterschool clubs. Granville played for top Premier League teams including Chelsea and Manchester City, while Storey played for Ospreys and was a Welsh International.

Their impressive careers and determination for success inspire and motivate our children to dream big and pursue their goals.

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General Enquiries: 01992 414100