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Facilities & Location

Delivering an inspiring education since 1939

Duncombe School embarked on its educational journey in 1939, under the guidance of local teacher Lily Taylor. Swiftly gaining recognition for its commitment to excellence, the school expanded, finding its new home in Bengeo in 1951.

Nestled on a picturesque four and a half-acre property, Duncombe School occupies a Palladian-style mansion dating back to the 1860s. In 1973, the threat of a potential sale to property developers loomed, but the determined efforts of parents prevailed. A body of trustees emerged, ensuring the school's continued operations and preserving its legacy. Thriving for an impressive additional 33 years, Duncombe School was welcomed into the Cognita Schools Group in 2006, marking a new chapter in its rich history.

Today, Duncombe School stands proudly, upholding the founding principles established in 1939. It embraces innovation, weaving innovative ideas and practices into its educational fabric, all while maintaining the esteemed standard of excellence that has become synonymous with a Duncombe education.

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A look at Duncombe from above

Duncombe is situated on a uniquely beautiful site in a town, surrounded by woodland, and boasts an array of impressive facilities.

What is remarkable about Duncombe is that it offers the best of both worlds – a serene natural environment with all the amenities of a modern town.

An idyllic setting for learning.

Main School

Our beautiful Palladian-style mansion, dating back to the 19th century, is surrounded by four and a half acres of beautiful woodland and provides a safe and nurturing environment for our students in Years 1-6. Despite being on the outskirts of Hertford town and only a 40-minute train ride from London, you will forget the hustle and bustle of the city and feel at one with nature. Our school is alive with the joyful sounds of children's laughter and their enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge, making it a truly special place to be.

Seeing us in action is the best way to show you the opportunities a Duncombe education can offer. Book a tour or attend one of our events to find out more.


Home to the youngest members of Team Duncombe

Treetops Pre-School is nestled among the trees with views of Hartham Common and Ware. Here, the youngest members of Team Duncombe are nurtured and cared for in a warm and inviting environment. Our Early Years setting is thoughtfully designed to ignite a lifelong passion for learning, with vibrant classrooms and an imaginative Early Years Garden.

While our children regularly visit the Main School for library lessons and special events, Treetops remains their secure and welcoming home, providing a sense of safety and belonging while still fully immersed in the rich tapestry of Main School life.


Children flourish from our wonderful facilities

Outdoor Learning

We blend tradition with modern amenities to give our children an excellent and comprehensive education. They are surrounded by ample stimulating opportunities such as our Astro and Forest School, Musical Sound Garden and adventure play areas. We are also an engaged member of the Hertford community and utilise nearby resources, including the Rugby and Cricket Clubs and Haileybury College, for extracurricular activities.

Outdoor Facilities

At Duncombe, we provide a range of sporting facilities, such as the Duncombe Arena, our floodlit Astroturf pitch and an all-weather 75m athletics track, both used to inspire our children to participate in sporting activities and events. Our Sound Garden and Sustainability Garden, offers a serene space for our children to express themselves and appreciate nature.

The Dell

The Dell, once a sunken woodland garden in Victorian times, is now home to Duncombe's Forest School and outdoor learning shelter. This peaceful setting boosts the children’s self-esteem, creativity, confidence and independence. Our curriculum-aligned activities are designed to foster child-centred learning, exploration and play, whilst also developing their ability to assess risk.

The Sound Garden

Our enchanted Sound Garden, new to our music curriculum, is frequently visited by our Treetops and Lower school children. Here the children gain confidence in their musical abilities through a variety of interactive games and activities, carefully crafted to align with the Kodály philosophy, to unlock the joy of learning in a truly delightful way.

Outdoor Play

At Duncombe, learning doesn't pause during playtime. Our children have access to various exciting equipment and games, teaching them essential life skills such as assertiveness, teamwork, rule-following, and negotiation. Each activity, be it field games or quiet play, fosters growth and development.

Forest School

Forest School, where the magic of nature transforms into the ultimate classroom! From Early Kindergarten to Year 5, the children eagerly embark on weekly adventures to this captivating outdoor haven. Amidst the awe-inspiring wonders of the natural world, they forge a profound connection with their environment.

Our meticulously designed curriculum-aligned activities not only nurture child-centred learning, but also spark a spirit of exploration and develop a vital life skill: the ability to assess and manage risk.

Sporting facilities

Our sports program is supported by a combination of facilities including the Duncombe Arena, a floodlit covered Astro, a 75m all-weather track and ample outdoor space. These exceptional resources provide our children with endless opportunities to explore a variety of sports, stay fit, and learn valuable life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

Our program is designed to inspire and motivate our children to reach their full potential, both on and off the field.

Music and Dance Studio

The Music and Dance studio is a lively and energetic space where the sound of instruments being played can be heard throughout the day, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere. The studio is equipped with a variety of musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, drums, violins, and more. Each instrument is placed in a designated area, and the children are taught how to play them by experienced music teachers.

The studio is not limited to just music lessons; it also transforms into a dance studio in the evenings. After-school activities such as Ballet and Dance Fusion often take place in the studio, providing a space for children to express themselves through movement, making it an ideal environment for children to learn and develop their interest in music, dance, or both.


Located a five-minute drive from Hertford North and Hertford East train stations, our school is conveniently situated for commuting parents. Despite its proximity to the town centre, our school is set back from the hustle and bustle, providing a tranquil environment for learning and personal growth.

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