Outstanding In All Areas

Duncombe School is 100% Outstanding! Read our SIS Report to find out more

Outstanding In All Areas

Duncombe School is 100% Outstanding! Read our SIS Report to find out more

School inspectors judged us ‘Outstanding’ in every category. We are constantly seeking new experiences for our children and new ways to help them shine.

Duncombe is a non-selective school and we are proud of our established reputation for high academic standards. Duncombe offers a diverse curriculum with lots of practical activities and a variety of outings and events. Our educational programme is designed to educate the whole child, beginning at 2 years in Duncombe Treetops, our Early Years’ department and developing through the Main School to senior school entry at age 11.

Outstanding School

In 2014 we were extremely delighted to be awarded a School Inspection Service report of “Outstanding” for our excellent provision across each of the seven categories, together with a rating of “Outstanding” in all areas for our Early Years Foundation Stage.

SIS ‘Outstanding’ Inspection Report for Duncombe School 2014


“Duncombe school is highly effective in achieving its aims. The quality of education that is provided to meet the pupils individual needs, including the children in Early Years Foundation stage is outstanding. Fundamental to this provision is the excellent curriculum, teaching and assessment that enables pupils to make exceptional progress and attain high academic standards.”

“The extra-curricular activities that enrich the curriculum are exceptional.”   

“The school’s priorities for high quality teaching and tracking achievement underpin the exceptional progress made by pupils of all ages and abilities.”

“The rich range of experiences provides opportunities for pupils to learn and make outstanding progress”

SIS ‘Outstanding’ Inspection Report for Early Years Foundation Stage 2014


“The overall quality of care in the provision is outstanding. Highly skilled staff provide a caring ethos with an effective key person system which supports newcomers in forming attachments and settling quickly into the routines of the setting.”

“Behaviour throughout the school is excellent and is characterised by the high quality of relationships between the children themselves and through their positive interaction with adults in the school.”

“Resources are exceptionally good and are used highly effectively both inside and outside the classroom to create an interesting learning environment.”

“The school meets the standards in the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, and relevant requirements of the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, and associated requirements, and no further action is required as a result of this inspection.”

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