Learning Support

Duncombe has a well-established Learning Support Department which offers a wide range of support tailored to an individual’s needs

Duncombe has a well established Learning Support Department which aims to provide a happy, stimulating and secure environment for children with additional needs. We support children with a wide range of needs and help them learn more effectively.

The school inspectors praised the robustness of our procedures to identify the specific action needed to support each child and the very clear flow of information between learning support staff, class teachers and parents.


This regular liaison, in conjunction with the assessment and tracking of pupil progress, ensures that difficulties are identified early and extra support can be tailored to need. Additional support may focus on developing skills in Literacy, Mathematics, listening, memory, language or communication. Specialist teaching sessions, which incorporate a structured, multi sensory approach, may be on an individual or small group basis. Some pupils will have an Individual Education Plan with personalised targets while others may be supported in class by a specialist teacher or learning support assistant.


Our experienced specialist teachers and learning support assistants offer support to both staff and parents. The department has its own computers and is well resourced with an extensive range of programmes and teaching materials to support learning. On occasions the needs of some pupils may require the expertise of other professionals. We have close links with speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists. We value our partnership with parents and promote an ‘open door’ policy where we can discuss progress, provide advice and celebrate achievement.

Sue Howes

Head of the Learning Support

Our aim is to personalise learning for children with additional needs, develop their confidence and provide a support network for parents and staff enabling every pupil to realise their potential while they are here.