Year 1 visit to Church Farm

On Wednesday Year 1 had a lovely day at Church Farm. We saw some animals and learned how to talk to turkeys! Sometimes the top of their heads change colour. We spent time looking at goats, pigs, piglets, cows and their calves. We saw a big bull and he came over to see us and we were able to feed him. We found out that a female goat was called a nanny and a male goat was called a billy. We had the opportunity to feed the animals too.

We did some planting and discovered a ducks nest full of eggs as we were walking through one of the polytunnels. After lunch we had a great walk through the bluebell wood. There was lots of bluebells, trees and plants. It was a long walk but we really enjoyed it. When we got back from our walk we had to change back into our school shoes as our boots were muddy.

We had a great day and have learned more about animals and nature.