On Tuesday afternoon Year 1 went to The Art Shed at Westmill to make some glass coasters as part of our   Science topic on Materials. We were so excited! We left after lunch on Tuesday and it was only a short journey so we soon arrived at our destination.


When we arrived we sat at some large tables where we saw some squares of glass and lots of small pieces of colourful glass. They were really shiny. Paula, our teacher told us that the squares of glass had been cut out  from a massive piece of glass. Then she showed us some examples of some glass coasters that some other children had made. She said we could either make a picture or just a colourful pattern using the small pieces of glass or the longer strands of thin glass which were called stingers.


We all had our own tiny pot of glue and lots and lots of different coloured glass to choose from. It was fun    creating our own design and we can’t wait for you to see what we made.


It was a great afternoon. The Year 1 Team.