On Monday 5th February 2024 Year 3 travelled back in time to Ancient Rome in AD 60. We arrived in full Roman dress, togas, and sandals. We began our day in the forum (Old Hall!) The morning session gave pupils an understanding of the Roman occupation of Britain through practical activities and role play. After a brief introduction by our leader Marcus, the children spent the morning in character. They explored the different workstations set up within the forum. These included scribing messages on       tablets made from hot wax, making clay charms to give our soldiers luck in battle, designing copper     pendants, mosaic making and finally creating their own Roman bulla. A bulla was worn around the neck as a locket to protect against evil spirits. The children cut and shaped leather, pierced it with holes and then added beads and a good luck message written on papyrus.

In the afternoon, we began with some shield formation drills – the children were fantastic legionaries.  We then separated into groups and the children created their own Roman style entertainment. We had dancing and our very own dramas based on Aesop’s fables. The children performed on stage and enjoyed a delicious Roman banquet complete with gleaming goblets. We had a fascinating day!

The Year 3 Team.