Cognita Global BE WELL Day

Thursday 30th September was an exciting day for all at Duncombe because it was Global Be Well Day.

This year the focus of the day was on the Mental Contributors of The Global Wellbeing Charter; Connecting, Doing and Giving. The children have learnt how to connect to other people using empathy, by learning about a refugee from Afghanistan named Habib. Through his perilous journey he faced many difficulties, but he believes we should all be friends and help each other.

A Year 6 child said of the day, ‘I enjoyed learning about Habib – it made me feel sad but it gives you a sense of realisation of how people are being treated. Not having a choice and wanting to be safe.’ An array of creative activities were completed throughout the day. Some highlights include

Mindfulness in the Dell, Painting stones with kindness slogans, Colour Emotion Monsters, Writing Thank You and Pledge Cards, Making Friendship Bracelets, a Ball of Compliments and Roleplaying Doctors and Vets. We also had the pleasure of planting our ‘Time Capsules’ for the Team Duncombe of the future.



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