Year 1 Audley End Trip


Year 1 went on a trip to Audley End. We were very excited about going on the coach! When we arrived we walked up a long path past a very big house called Audley End House. Some of us thought the Queen lived there but later we learned that one of the families that used to live there were called the Braybrookes. The first thing we did was eat our snacks and then we went to look in some of the rooms. We went into the dairy, the laundry and the kitchen. In the laundry observed some irons. They couldn’t use electricity a long time ago so they had to test how hot they were. In the kitchen we were shown a short film of how they used to cook in the past. After lunch we went into the big house where there were lots of exciting things to look at. There were some animals in some cases. We visited the nursery and saw some of the toys the children would have played with over 100 years ago. We had a go on the rocking horse and played with some of the toys. The dolls house was huge and it opened up. There were lots of toys inside it. We had a great day even though it rained a lot. It has given us all a great deal to talk about in our lessons back at school!



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